Hospitality is the new customer service

Hospitality thrives in today’s business world, as customer service is long forgotten.


By Dan Gudino

Generosity, friendliness and warmth are qualities of hospitality, much superior to customer service standards of yesterday.

Hospitality is not new either, but customer satisfaction never came from customer service, instead from an actual action of help.

This is why going above and beyond is necessary today.

Goodwill is the largest difference between hospitality and customer service. It is not repetitive—the usual customer service, “Hello, how are you?”

Vague, monotonous and unchanging, just like customer service calls to cell phone providers, credit card companies or internet providers, all, out-of-date and probably in a different country.

Hospitality is a face-to-face discipline, a cooperative action. It’s always in action and always in favor of the client, regardless of the issue. Hotels are best known for providing hospitality, the reception of guest and strangers.

There’s an eye level of understanding between you and the client. Every single meeting taken in, in its own unit of time, as its own experience. Each transaction met to standards.

Customer service has failed to provide action, it’s too exhausted, tired of its scripted lines of unauthentic and recycled newspeak.


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