Golden Treasure: California Science Center worth a visit

Bling Bling- King Tutankhamen’s buried treasures are lifted from the afterlife and put on display at the California Science Center through Jan. ’19.


By Dan Gudino

If you find time away from your busy schedule for a little leisure, the King Tut exhibition at the California Science Center in Los Angeles is highly-recommended. 

Displayed are over 150 artifacts from King Tut’s tomb, many gold, gold plated and silver, which have never traveled outside of Egypt, offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to examine in awe.

You’ll find artifacts King Tut took to the afterlife, like gold-toe caps found on Tut’s toe, gold-finger caps and rings found on his 3,000-year-old fingers.

You’ll discover gold laced and woven slippers that will astonish you with its perfect preserved appearance.

Price of admission is $30 for adults, $20 for kids and runs through January 2019.



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