“Junk Silver” A Must Buy

Silver jewelry scrap, later converted into ingots can serve as an investment vehicle for sale in the future.

Finance Opinion  

By Dan Gudino

“Junk silver” is an excellent way to protect against a currency crisis, according to Porter Stansberry’s new book, The Battle for America: ‘Why the Next Election Will Cause the Biggest Financial Crisis in U.S. History’  is a follow-up to Stansberry’s 2017 book, The American Jubilee.

A jubilee is radical measure taken up by governments where it basically steals money from one group and redistribute it to another group. 

According to Stansberry’s research, a “Jubilee” is a Jewish economic tradition.

‘It is part of the Old Testament. You’ll find it described in the Book of Leviticus, Chapter 25. The idea was simple. At the end of 49 years, all debts would be wiped out and collateral property returned. It was a way of completely “resetting” the financial order… of making sure the wealthy didn’t become too dominant… of making sure the economy didn’t collapse… of making sure there was never a violent revolution. You see, economies collapse when debt-service costs grow faster than income for a long time –usually 50 years or more.’

Sound similar or familiar?

Today’s political world of civil unrest, growing student debt, growing anger towards elites, increase animosity about immigration and race there’s bound to be a huge political movement.

Here are examples of jubilees; In 1933, in order to deal with mounting debts and print money to pay for dozens of new social programs, President Roosevelt made two extraordinary changes to the financial system. First, he closed banks for four days and forced Americans to turn in each ounce of gold they owned for $20.67 in paper money. Then the government raised the price of gold, wiping out 69% of the savings of anyone who followed these rules.

At the time, people worried the government might inflate away the value of their money. So they added a Gold Clause, which said repayments could be required to be made in gold. These Gold Clauses were in federal loans, bank deposits, insurance contracts, and other private agreements. When Roosevelt outlawed the Gold Clause, he stole billions from investors. In fact, a Harvard paper estimates this rule took $700 million a year from private investors who bought government bonds.

Tens of millions of Americans lost massive amounts of their savings. And after booming, the stock market soon fell 50% in a single year.

We had another Debt Jubilee in America about 40 years later…

Starting in the late 1960s, we saw a combination of economic and social upheaval. The government had borrowed extraordinary sums, and were having a hard time repaying creditors. That’s because at the time, every dollar was required to be backed by $0.25 worth of gold. So the government couldn’t print unlimited amounts of money out of thin air. The U.S. eliminated the 25% gold backing of every dollar.

Then, in 1971, President Nixon completely defaulted on our promise to pay gold for dollars to our foreign creditors. Once again, the government simply wiped the slate clean.

That brings us to present time. Bailouts of large corporations, millennials drowning in debt, far-right politics, far-left politics and silver.

Owning silver gives you real money that the politicians can’t devalue and will have a hard time trying to confiscate.

During the last Jubilee in the early 1970s, silver soared by more than 2,400%. And if you buy silver this time around, you’ll do well.

This is because Jubilees aren’t normal default cycles instead far different. These are debt revolutions. What happens is that debt builds and builds. Once debt-service costs start growing faster than the economy, the total debt is never reduced. Sooner or later, debt begins to grow geometrically, far faster than income.

Hence silver becomes a safe haven.

As long as the world continues to buy our bonds, we’re safe. But a moment will arrive –and it won’t be long –when investors simply refuse to own our government’s debt at almost any price. If you don’t take steps right now to protect yourself, many will be wiped out when that moment arrives.

When there is a big shakeup in the financial markets, the price of silver goes wild. No other investment asset loves a monetary crisis like silver does.

According to Stansberry’s research, for savvy-seasoned investors, buying into “silver options” could be a smarter move;

“You can buy long-dated out-of-the-money calls on the silver exchange-traded fund iShares Silver Trust (NYSE: SLV). SLV tracks the price of the underlying metal and provides a simple one-click way to own silver.“

But we believe there is nothing like owning the physical metal itself. Silver rounds, silver U.S. 90-percent coin, Franklin Mint product, odd-weight silver bars, foreign silver coin, even in jewelry form to be melted later into ingots is money.

**Disclaimer: This article is based on speculation from writer not opinions from Elemetal Direct, LLC



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